4 Reasons to always carry a Business Card Reviewed by Momizat on . The digital revolution is fast affecting the print world as more and more people are opting for the digital alternative of everything. Newspapers are available The digital revolution is fast affecting the print world as more and more people are opting for the digital alternative of everything. Newspapers are available Rating: 0
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4 Reasons to always carry a Business Card

leather-business-card-holder The digital revolution is fast affecting the print world as more and more people are opting for the digital alternative of everything. Newspapers are available online, books are being replaced by blogs and more people have become publishers even though for most Nigerian bloggers it is just a ‘copy and paste’ thing. Even in most Lagos churches, some congregants don’t come to church anymore with a book bible rather an ipad/phone alternative.

One thing that will always remain necessary in this digital age is business cards. Of course, there are plenty of advantages to being able to ‘bump’ our phones together to trade contacts, or send all of our relevant contact data in an email, but something islost in the transaction. Although typing in someone’s phone number and email is common enough, the chances of actually initiating follow-up contact without a printed card reminder are greatly reduced. When you put someone’s card into your purse, wallet, or pocket, you will at some point have to remove it. That recollection (and the avoidance of having to ask yourself, “What was her name?”) has inherent value. In a world where we may be in contact with dozens of varied people throughout a day, a ‘paper trail’ helps you to remain memorable.

The reasons to keep a printed business card on your person at all times are numerous:

1) Complimentary Cards Portray Your Personal Brand

While most people would little know: the style of your business card’s design immediately reinforces the impression you make upon personally meeting someone. If you’re an artistic, creative type, a non-traditional card in shape, texture, or content can help emphasize the passion you put into your work. Likewise, business people will want to convey strength and simple elegance. Get a professional to design a logo that enhances your brand and flow that logo creatively on your stationery designs. Take the time to design a business card that speaks to your personality. Get at least two differently looking business card designs from your graphic designer and show the design to a variety of trusted friends and coworkers before finalizing its look.

2) Business cards enhances speedy exchange of contact

Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks for your card and you had none or vise versa… you asked.  Some times you bump into old school mates/friends unexpectedly on a road junction, instead of causing further traffic trying to exchange numbers, he simply asks for your business card. And all he got was that you ran out of card. Another scenario also occurs where you meet an important figure who would not want to give you his number but asks for your card. Imagine you missed that big opportunity by not having one or having a poorly designed card.

In busy work/social environments, it can be difficult to remember every person’s name as you mingle and converse. Exchanging cards lets you steal a subtle glance for a reminder, allowing for a warm farewell, by name, when it’s time to part ways.

3) Business card can be a great marketing tool

It will be out of place going about with your flyer or posters and handing it to everyone you meet. Your marketers can do that. Funny enough many people don’t want to be sold to. But your business card subtly sends a free advert to your friends and prospects. Even when they have not asked you what you do, giving them your business card already informs them.

When you place a card into someone’s hand, they have effectively given you permission to market to them, and they’ll revisit your brand at a later date when they clean out their pockets or purse. The price of printing business cards pales in comparison to any other type of advertising,

4) Timelessness Matters

Even if one generation begins to move away from a means of communication, there is still value in catering to those who prefer traditional means. Business cards are still valuable (even when exchanged between techie 20-somethings), but they’re certainly a necessity when interacting with older potential clients and employers. In some situations, not carrying a card and relying solely on digital contact exchanges could be viewed as unprofessional and a sign of unpreparedness.

Think of your business card as an extension of your own professional attitude. Use it to convey your experience and capabilities, and hand them out with pride.

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