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4 Reasons to always carry a Business Card

The digital revolution is fast affecting the print world as more and more people are opting for the digital alternative of everything. Newspapers are available online, books are being replaced by blogs and more people have become publishers even though for most Nigerian bloggers it is just a ‘copy and paste’ thing. Even in most Lagos churches, some congregants don’t come to church anymore with a book bible ...

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Top Five Printing Jobs you may need before December

The year is gradually running to an end. Christmas and a New year are just by the corner. Don’t wait until it is December before you start making plans to print either calendars for the New Year or corporate branded gifts to reward your 2013 loyal customers. Do you know why? During the Christmas period, a lot of people want to print and therefore prices go up almost thrice the actual cost. You can save a lo ...

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Okay, so you are in Nigeria and need information on roll-up banners? Let’s start! Portable Roll-up Banners are a simple, cost-effective way of displaying your product or service. They are a great source of cheap and effective advertising for church programmes, exhibitions, retail or shop displays, trade shows, conferences, presentations or advertising events.  They pop-up in just seconds giving you a large ...

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Print Quality Letterhead, Business card and Envelop In Nigeria

Yes you have set up your business in a major city like Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt and need to print your letterhead, envelop and business card. Eloquent Touch Media offers a quick and affordable business card, letterhead, envelop design and print. With our professional design, quality paper, sharp print out, excellent finishing, speedy delivery and professional approach, you can be sure that your brand i ...

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Printing Methods in Nigeria

Desktop Printers – You can print your letterhead, invoices or even brochure through your own desktop printer, but beware, as it can be very costly if you are using a large number of letterheads or have an elaborate design with a great deal of ink coverage. Quality and finish can also be an issue so unless you are only printing a couple of letters or invoices a week it is easier to have your letterhead print ...

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What to consider before Printing your Letterheads

If you want to print letterheads in Nigeria or even any part of the world, here are some things that should guide your decision. I advice you hold on the printing of your company stationery until you read this piece. You can also study our piece on what to consider before printing business cards in Nigeria. So if you also wish to print your complimentary card here in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria, you ...

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Secure Your Place In Multimedia

Do you dream of becoming a producer, director, or designer? Perhaps you want to be a famous artist or graphic designer? Earning a degree in the world of multimedia can give you the opportunity to combine your visual talents and artistic abilities. In the multimedia and visual communications sector, you use your creative abilities to communicate with audiences worldwide. There are no limits between media and ...

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Choosing Stunning Wedding Graphics

Our modern technological age has changed the ways in which we do numerous things in our lives. One thing that has changed drastically in the new millennium is how we present and preserve our weddings and the photographs, videos, and other memories from those events. Even just five years ago it was almost completely unheard of for people to create interactive and graphical web sites announcing their weddings ...

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