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How to acquire creative imagination

Creative imagination is more than just active imagination. To be able to actively imagine things, to see and hear things in one’s mind, is an important ability. It doesn’t have to involve much creativity, though, does it? Daydreaming, for example, is a process of imagination. It can consist of an elaborate fantasy world, but one full of all the things that many people think about. Creative imagination, then ...

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Our Services

At Eloquent Touch Media we believe that every marketing opportunity should never be taken for granted. Therefore we support our clients in every way possible to make that first impression a lasting impression. From your logo design, to your brand identity and website we ensure that your business speak volume to promote you. To get details of the services we offer, click on any of the big blue buttons above. ...

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Nine Reasons Every Nigeria Business should Have a Social Media Presence

Recent statistics show that: Over 900 million people worldwide use Facebook. Half of them login every single day and spend 55 minutes on Facebook. It has been often said that if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest after China and India ·         21.8 billion videos are viewed on YouTube each month. ·         Facebook is the second most visited site in the world and the first in Nigeria If ...

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How to Drive Visitors to Your Website / Blog

As the internet business is booming in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, many people are beginning to realize the need for a website. But most Nigerians hastily constructed their website and then promptly forgot about it; One of their most valuable marketing assets, now relegated to the back burner, becomes just another business disbursement. Remember: the more popular your website is, the more benef ...

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10 Ways Corporate Blogging Can Help Grow Your Business

One major tool for business growth every Nigerian should take advantage of in this internet age is blogs. Blogs are no longer just personal diaries as they use to be. The business case for blogging is compelling. Corporate Blogging refers to a company producing or supporting a blog that it uses to accomplish business objectives. Too many marketers focus on gaining initial visibility through advertising or a ...

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