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Branded Foot Mat Company in Nigeria

Eloquent is a promotional gifts company in Nigeria. We have consistently proven to be a leading manufacturer of custom floor mats in Lagos — your brand’s personal billboards, both indoors and out. We offer entrance logo mats for indoor or outdoor use, promotional logo mats, company logo floor mats, scripture branded mat, club designed mat etc. Make a good first impression with one of our custom logo floor m ...

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You are just wondering why lapel pins has suddenly taken the world by storm, well here are top uses of lapel pins that has made it popular world over As an integral element of corporate identity Lapel pins look great on the coat of employees who are working with either a small firm or a big company. Normally, the designs of their lapel pins are the logos of their company or sometimes the name of the company ...

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Lapel Pin Makers in Nigeria

We supply a wide range of metal badge, metal emblem, Regalia, Emblem badge, Pin emblem and lapel pins in Nigeria. We also offer Mens Tie Pins, Logo Cufflink, Designer Cufflinks, Custom Lapel Pin, Promotional Pens, Metal Keychain, Metal Badges and many more. We offer this huge range of cufflinks and other promotional products on demand of churchs, NGOs, schools military etc. So if you are looking for school ...

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Promotional Gifts and how it can grow your business

The effect of corporate gifts on customers cannot be ignored. Business gifts are, in fact, the best way to impress customers, prospective clients and even employees. Today's marketing world involves intense competition and corporate gifts have now become a popular practice. Corporate gifts can be given on any occasion to promote one''s company and its services. They can also be given to celebrate the compan ...

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PLAQUES VS TROPHIES-here’s the difference?

It is a commonly known fact that awards really help to boost morale. It’s always great to be appreciated and at the same time, it is fulfilling to receive an award. The most common form of awards are trophies and plaques; but because people use the two more frequently than the other forms of awards, trophies and plaques are commonly interchanged. WHAT ARE PLAQUES? A plaque is usually a plate made out of met ...

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The Difference between Acrylic and Crystal Awards

Everyone will agree with me that there's nothing like showing your staff how much you appreciate and value them. Employees who feel valued and appreciated work harder and are less likely to look for a new company to work for, which means businesses can spend fewer resources on hiring and training new employees. However, if you're planning on handing out acrylic or crystal awards, you need to know what the d ...

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